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Genius Feed Bin Monitoring System

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Precise Feed Management!

The Genius Feed Bin Monitoring System is an easy and effective way to monitor and manage your real time feed bin inventory levels and feed consumption rates, thereby avoiding the possibility of running out of feed, and providing important animal’s health information. Also, with this system, farm personnel are not required to climb the feed bin to check current feed levels, reducing the risk of accidents and labour costs.

This system consists of a GE-B1N4 which monitors up to 4 feed bins; each feed bin will have one GE-FBT which transmits information from the feed bin's load cells (up to 6 LC-1 OK/KIT) to the GE-B1N4 via a GE-LIM (Lightning Isolator Module).


  • GE-B1N4 can be connected to up to 4 feed bins. It will collect and analyze the bin weight then it will monitor the current weight of the bin, the daily consumption, and confirm the weight of all feed deliveries.
  • The Feed Bin Transmitter is connected to load cell located on each leg of the feed bin. It then sends data via a GE-LIM to a control such as the GE­B1N4.
  • The Load Cell has been designed to operate in extreme weather conditions. The self-lifting bracket eliminates the need for a crane installation. Once the load cells have been installed, the height of the bin will be increased by less than ½ inch.
  • Remote access, monitoring, data logging and management
  • Easy to use navigation buttons
  • Menu driven 8 line by 21 character LCD screen
  • 5 hot keys for quick access
  • Modular hardware design
  • Rugged and sealed enclosure
  • CSA approved
  • Compatible with FarmQuest, FarmSite and WiFarm Network