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AP Cumberland Edge Controller

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  • Large 15" color touchscreen monitor
  • Remotely connect via any web-enabled device
  • Built in self diagnostics make troubleshooting easy
  • Multi-language support. UL/CSA Certified and CE-approved
  • Multi-room, multi-barn control. One EDGE™ System can easily do what up to 64 individual controllers used to do.
  • Each variable output and relay is equipped with a current sensor which allows the system to monitor electrical current
  • Ventilation based on CFM per head
  • Multiple types of inputs such as temperature, static pressure, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, water meters and feeder run time.
  • Patent pending LED temperature probes simplify the installation process
  • Triple layer protection with fail-safe redundancy to control mission-critical functions
  • Modular architecture allows the system to be built exactly to your needs and scale as your operation expands
  • Plug-in modules allow for easy customization and as new technology and applications are introduced, new module cards can be designed allowing you to integrate a wide variety of components into a single, efficient system.