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Genius GE-64X Series

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Improve your production performance and animal comfort with the user-friendly and flexible GENIUS livestock climate controller series.

The GE-64X can operate up to 4 variable stages (using GE-VX or GE-M010 modules) and up to 6 relays, depending on the GE-64X model used.  The relays can be used to control fans, heaters, a heating pad, a clock output or a sprinkler.  Up to 4 inlets (using IN-1, IN-2, GE-AIR/1, GE-AIR/2 or SVIM-1 modules) can be positioned with any GE-64Xcontroller model, as well as up to 2 chimney dampers (using a GE-M010 module).

The GE-64X can work with up to 4 interior temperature probes and computes, based on their readings, an inside temperature average.  All outputs follow the probes selected by the user, except for variable stages, which always follow the average temperature.  If one temperature probe becomes defective (short or open circuited), the GE-64X will not consider its signal when computing the interior temperature average, and an alarm is triggered.  The outside temperature can be used to override the inside temperature alarm if the inside temperature is too high for this purpose.


  • Some of the other features of all GE-64X controller models include:  night set back; ramping growth curve; history for alarms, probes, heaters and water meter.
  • Multiple heat zones
  • Minimum and power ventilation cooling
  • Inlet control
  • Outside temperature and humidity influence
  • Water consumption monitoring
  • Remote access, monitoring, data logging and management
  • Memory module for uploading and downloading parameters from one unit to another
  • Expandable with the use of modules GE-VX or GE-M010
  • Easy to use navigation buttons
  • Menu driven 8 line by 21 character LCD screen
  • 6 hot keys for quick access
  • Rugged and sealed enclosure
  • CSA approved
  • Compatible with FarmQuest, FarmSite and WiFarm Network