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Genius iTouch Series

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Genius iTouch Series Genius iTouch Series


Control your barn from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet!

Genius iTouch Series is revolutionizing the way we interface and manage our livestock production controllers. With a simple touch, swipe or drag of your finger, accessing and modifying control information is as easy and fun as child’s play.

These controllers have been built specifically for harsh livestock environments, and come equipped with our field proven modular hardware and software which is already used in existing GENIUS controllers.

The user-friendly interface has 2 ways to display information: as an animated representation of your building’s inputs and output status; or as a list of parameters. Manual input forms can also be accessed to comment and track better the health of the animals.


  • Navigates like an iPad with a high definition 10” colour touch screen
  • Intuitive system view animation allows for quick confirmation of input/output status
  • WiFi/WiFarm option available to allow a wireless connection to internet or PC
  • Remote Connectivity
  • Compare actual results with past results
  • Warning message sent via text message or email when out of limits conditions occurs
  • Many sizes available to fit any barn control requirements
  • Easy to integrate bird and bin scales directly into the control for easy monitoring
  • Up to 12 independent variables with GE-V4
  • Up to 60 relays with GE-SL20
  • Up to 37 inputs
  • 1 alarm output
  • Rugged and sealed enclosure
  • CSA approved