24/7 Urgent Support
24/7 Urgent Support

Parts & Service

Parts & Service

Clark Ag and our national partners offer 24/7 service for any poultry equipment related emergency – reliable and on-call when you need us. Our skilled and experienced team of qualified and friendly service technicians are ready to repair and install a full line of replacement parts for all types of poultry operations and associated equipment from coast to coast.

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We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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If you’re in need of replacement parts including those from Tecno, Farmer Automatic, Fans, Medicators, etc. – please fill out the form below and one of our team members will get back to you ASAP or you can give us a call now.

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    If you are having any trouble you may contact us at parts@clarkagsystems.com or 1-800-263-6410 Thank you for your order.

    Parts and Service Partners Across Canada

    Experienced technicians are available to supervise installation projects and provide service from coast to coast. Our operations team works together with our partners to ensure we are fully compliant with all applicable legislation including health and safety training. Click on one of our partner icons below to get in contact with them for parts and service requests.


    Straw Chopping for Animal Bedding

    Our straw chopping for animal bedding services offer the option to provide your own straw, which we will chop at your farm, or we can supply and chop the straw for you. Our round bale choppers and 30 foot trailers have a capacity of hauling up to 20 bales of straw, blown through an eight inch hose into your barn at your requested depth. Our operators are fully trained, focused on biosecurity disinfection between jobs. All Clark grown straw and straw purchased by Clark Ag Systems is stored under a roof in a dry area free of wild birds, mold, weeds and foreign objects such as wood, stones and metal.


    We Sell What We Know

    Servicing our own farms for decades, we’ve created and sourced the best products and equipment in the industry. From egg, broiler, and turkey production to ventilation and controls systems, we have the optimal solution for your facility’s needs, to keep your flock healthy and productive.

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    We’ve Dedicated Our Lives to Poultry

    We’ve been serving the Canadian poultry industry for generations, but our passion stems from the fact that we began as farmers ourselves, still operating our own farms to this day. It’s why we’re so confident in our products and services – because we use them too.

    It’s Who We Are