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Chemilizer Medicators


The Chemilizer is the only medicator in the industry to combine diaphragm pump technology and chemical bypass design. These 2 features result in the most durable motor in the animal production industry. The Chemilizer is the first pump to use diaphragm technology. The diaphragm pump is your best option when working with a low flow or tough water source. Pump pond and well water without the use of a filter. Most medicators on the market today expose their motors to corrosive chemicals, damaging the motor and leading to costly repairs or replacements. With the by-pass chemical injection design of the Chemilizer, the motor is protected from the corrosive chemicals and lasts longer.

  • Water driven pump, no electricity required
  • The diaphragm design works with tough water sources
  • The by-pass injection and Silicone and Viton components decrease chances of chemical corrosion
  • Low-cost, minimal maintenance required
  • Available in six different dilution ratios

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