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Exacon Agri-Fans

Exacon Agri-Fans


Cool your Barn with Canadian Made Fans by Exacon.
Reliable, energy efficient, variable speed motors are designed to meet the rigorous demands of agriculture ventilation. Strong & durable fan blades are lightweight and easy on motor bearings, made with high performance airfoil design. Shutters are located inside the building to reduce freezing and protect fans from moist, contaminated air when not in use. Easily removed for cleaning & servicing.

The complete series includes:

  • Agrifan Series ‘M’ Exhaust Fans
  • Agrifan Series ‘M’ (HP) Exhaust Fans
  • Agrifan Series ‘LP’ (Direct Drive) c/w Performa+ Motors
  • Agrifan Large Diameter (Belt Drive), Agrifan c/w 3 Phase Motor
  • Agrifan Accessories
  • Agrifan Replacement Parts and Miscellaneous Parts
  • Multifan 54″ Fiberglass Cone Fan V-Plus
  • Agrifan Exhaust Chimney Riser
  • Multifan V-Flo Fan

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