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Awesome to be back at the National Poultry Show

February 28, 2023

After 3 long years we were all able to get back to the National Poultry Show in London, Ontario and show you what Clark Ag Systems has to offer. All of our products from Tecno, Ziggity, Butterfly, Cumberland, Lubing, Monitrol, CBM, and many others were on display.

We were also excited to introduce our newest layer and pullet product lines from FK Poultry, based in Germany. Born from the ingenuity and storied success of the Kuhlmann family and its current founder Franz Josef , FK Poultry combines German ingenuity with real world performance solutions for laying hens and pullets. With major installations across Europe and the USA, keep an eye out for more details on all the product offerings from FK Poultry as we introduce this franchise to Canada.

It was a very successful 2 days at the London show and we are so glad we got to see you all in person once again! Thank you for visiting our team and catching up with everyone – we appreciate it very much!

For inquiries on FK Poultry, Tecno, and all of our broiler product lines, please reach out to our technical sales team of Harold Meadows or Shawn MacDonald today!

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