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Farmer Automatic Egg Production Equipment To Be Produced in North America

July 30, 2018

Automatic Egg Production Equipment

DULUTH, GA (June 2018) — AGCO Corporation (NYSE:AGCO)  is extremely excited to announce that the company will begin manufacturing the world leading Farmer Automatic egg production equipment in North America to better serve its largest market for these products – Canada and the USA.  The decision also fully supports Canadian producers transitioning to new Code of Practice standards for the care and handling of their flocks. 

Farmer Automatic’s famous enriched colony housing and aviary systems will be produced at AGCO’s plant in Bremen, Alabama beginning later this year. The first products will be shipped from that facility in January 2019, with normal distribution to be maintained during the transition from the current Germany based facility.

“Manufacturing in North America is a long-term investment providing enhanced service and support for North American Egg producers and a signal to the market that Farmer Automatic will continue to deliver high quality and innovation for years to come,” said Scott Becker, director of North America Commercial Egg for Cumberland Poultry, AGCO’s poultry production equipment brand.

The state of the art and modern Bremen plant manufactures a broad range of Cumberland products used in poultry production facilities, including fans, heaters, tunnel doors, broiler nesting systems, power curtain machinery and environmental controls.  Adding the Farmer Automatic line of poultry housing to the Bremen facility is a natural fit that will offer several key benefits to distributors and customers.

Becker said establishing production in North America provides several important benefits to Farmer Automatic customers, including reduced shipping time, faster response to meet their needs and a full-system solution enabling producers to access the full breadth of Cumberland’s product offerings.

Farmer Automatic products were previously manufactured in Laer, Germany. Design and engineering functions will remain in Germany with the creation of the Farmer Automatic Engineering Innovation Center in the area later this year.

Supporting new guidelines

Farmer Automatic systems currently meet and exceed the new guidelines in the Canada Code of Practice introduced last year requiring all laying hens to be housed in enriched or cage-free systems by July 1, 2036.

“Our Canadian dealer, Clark Ag Systems, works closely with its customers to ensure their systems are the best in class, have enough space, feed, water, nest area and scratch surface to meet the Code of Practice requirements for their production method, and to ensure optimal bird welfare and production standards,”

The Eco II System from Farmer Automatic provides all of the required enrichments and easy access to the flock with its large access doors. Farmer Automatic’s Combi II provides a solution for customers who may transition from enriched to cage free in the future. The Combi II can be operated as both an Enriched Colony System with the doors closed or as a Cage-Free Aviary System with the door open. 

For those producers ready to transition to cage-free production today, the Loggia system offers excellent access to the flock, nests and egg belts with walkable floors and low system heights for easy inspection and management. The slight slope of the floor allows system eggs to roll onto the egg belt, nearly eliminating the need for hand collection. The Loggia line was recently expanded to include the new Loggia 3 Plus, providing additional living space with a third tier allowing for greater bird density in many operations.

Pullet rearing is easier with the Combi Pullet, capable of preparing birds to be housed in either enriched and/or aviary systems in the future. Multiple floor mesh sizes for the lower tier allow producers to tailor the system to their operation, and additional half levels create more space for greater stocking densities.

Farmer Automatic systems can be installed in new egg production facilities or retrofitted to existing operations. For additional information, producers can contact Clark Ag Systems or visit www.farmerautomatic-inc.com.