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First ECO II System in BC

October 24, 2016

Automatic Egg Production Equipment

Congratulations Kampala Farms!

Kampala Farms, located in Abbotsford BC, just installed a four tier Farmer Automatic ECO II enriched housing system. This is the first ECO II system to be installed in BC. Kampala Farms is owned and operated by the Bandali Jaffer family.

The Bandali Jaffer family immigrated to Canada in 1972 and started poultry farming in 1973. The first farm, located on Peardonville Road, had the first Farmer Automatic system with manure scrapers instead of belts for manure cleaning and a buckwheat egg collecting system. The farm on Laxton Road had community wooden cages with 24 birds per cage.

With the new cage regulations implemented by the board, they had to start planning which direction to head. Karim Bandali undertook the planning of the new barn. Karim along with David and Mike Plank visited an enriched Farmer Automatic system in Alberta and came to the conclusion that the Farmer Automatic enriched system would be the system of choice. The construction of the barn was planned with the assistance of Bruce Hoschka to house 17,880 layers.

This system was chosen due to a long history with the current equipment on the farm. The Farmer Automatic enriched housing system is strong and long lasting. They also allow for easy monitoring of animal behaviour through their design and function, says Karim Bandali.

Dave Plank, Karim Bandali, Anwar Bandali

This system firstly allows us to comply with the new regulations. The center partition allows us to monitor the birds more efficiently and the system provides the birds with a more natural environment to perch and scratch.” -Karim Bandali

The installation was seamless. We have a history with the installer and trusted him throughout the process and are very happy with the outcome.” -Karim Bandali

Thank you Kampala Farms for choosing Farmer Automatic!