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AP Cumberland Front Roll Out Nesting


Combined with proper breeder management practices, Cumberland’s nesting systems can help you achieve excellent results with minimal labor and maintenance costs. Cumberland’s Front Roll-Out Nesting Systems are designed for easy cleanout and maintenance. The convenient front access eliminates time consuming disassembly. It also allows for egg collection in the event of a power failure. The hinged lid conveniently lifts and closes to block nest access. Cumberland’s Front Roll-Out Nesting System nest pads are easy to clean with durable plastic nest bottoms.

Cumberland’s Front Roll-Out Nesting System belt rollers are made of heavy-duty plastic and are adjustable with a simple screw pin. A fiber brush clears debris off the return belt. A spring-loaded, self-adjusting belt tightener keeps the belt running smoothly. The front clean out with a belt brush continuously removes debris from the line.

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