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Munters Atlas Series

Munters Atlas Series


Comfort is critical to livestock productivity. The new Munters Atlas fan offers big performance, for a comfortable, healthy herd. We believe longevity and value are two of the most important factors when purchasing your ventilation systems. Not only does Munters offer you the best performing fans on the market, we also have years of experience when it comes to the entire process from ventilation design to post installation follow up. Munters will be there throughout the process to ensure your operation is running at peak performance.

  • The most efficient fan in its class with up to 22.0 cfm/watt
  • Highest airflow of any fan in its class with 51,900 cfm
  • Calculate your true dollar savings over other models with our state-of-the-art Total Cost of Ownership comparison tool
  • Durable fiberglass housing for a lifetime of use
  • Robust 182-frame premium motor to ensure top performance and longevity
  • Available in two ventilation modes for delivering optimum ventilation: Premium and Efficient models
  • May qualify for energy rebates with an impressive 22.0 cfm/watt in the Efficient version

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