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SunNorth Roll Over Curtain System


Roll-Over type curtain systems can be described as poly curtains that cover the sidewall ventilation openings on a livestock housing building when closed. When ventilation air is needed for temperature control & fresh air supply, the curtain can be opened from the top downwards to provide some, or more, opening as needed to let air into & through the building.

As Roll-Over type curtain systems open, the curtain material, instead of simply folding downwards, is rolled onto a pipe that rotates at the bottom of the curtain. The top mounted cable system, with spaced drop cables attached to the top of the curtain, lowers, or raises the curtain as needed to make opening size changes. This cable system is also attached to a rotating drum, or spool, at one end of the bottom pipe. This drum also connects to the bottom pipe by a universal joint equipped shaft to make this cable on/cable off operation and bottom rotating pipe a combined operation.

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